Lemon Posset Recipe

Lemon Posset Recipe

In this article I will share about Lemon Posset Recipe, how to make it very easy, of course you have to prepare the materials needed for the making according to what you mean. Here's how to make Lemon Posset Recipe.

  • 400 gram of condensed milk
  • Whipping cream 150 ml
  • Mint leaves to taste
  • 4 pieces of lemon
  • Barries as necessary
Tool to Make It
  • Dough container
  • Serving glass
  • Grated
  • Blender
How to make
  1. Stir condensed milk with Whipping cream until thick and average about 5 minutes
  2. A thin scar of lemon peel and in her lemon juice
  3. Add the grated lemon rind and lemon juice to the mixture for a while
  4. Pour the dough into a serving glass and let stand for one hour
  5. Mint leaf and squeeze a little lemon and extra to serve glass and Lemon Posset ready to serve.

So much that I can share in this article Lemon Posset Recipe see you later on another occasion.


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