Shashlik Goat Recipes

Shashlik Goat Recipes
Shashlik is one of the foods kebab that many people interested in, by using goat meat of course this is very tasty. Shashlik is a type of Asian satay, and the food is popular in Morocco, Pakistan and Israel. Ingredients for making Shashlik are usually lamb, beef and other meat types. There are Shashlik types that use only meat, or fat only, and there is also a blend between the two. Before being processed into Shashlik meat soaked in seasoning sour overnight, as in excise or fruit juice and given spices. Then the meat is roasted on a grill called "manggal". For those of you who are curious about Shashlik food preparations, here I share Shashlik Goat Recipes is certainly delicious and special, and very suitable to be served at the table with your family.

Shashlik Goat recipes

600 grams of young goat meat, diced
50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, each split 2
15 cherry tomatoes
5 tablespoons vegetable oil for smearing
4 onions, cut into 4 parts
1 piece of purple eggplant, cut into 2x2 cm
1 green bell pepper, cut into 2x2 cm

Seasoning for Soaking

25 ml lemon juice
3 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped.
4 cardamoms, take the seeds and crushed mashed
2 tablespoons olive oil or vegetable oil
1 teaspoon chilli powder
1 teaspoon ground black pepper powder
1 tablespoon salt

How to make Shashlik Goat

  • Mix all ingredients soak and stir until blended
  • Then soak the pieces of meat with soaking ingredients for 1 hour until the spices soak up
  • Prepare a skewer of meat, then pair meat and vegetables alternately regularly on the puncture and
  • Then grilled Shashlik Goat on the embers, occasionally you apply oil until the meat is cooked
  • When it is cooked, raise and serve while warm.

Shashlik Goat Recipes

Similarly an article about Shashlik Goat that you can try at home, and served at your dinner table with your family, good luck and good luck making Shashlik Goat.

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