Pizza Dough Recipe Skins In Home

Pizza Dough Recipe Skins In Home
The basic dough of pizza or pizza Dough Recipe Skins is the main ingredient for making pizzas with a variety of preferred toppings. Although many are sold instant pizza skins, and very interesting if we make it at home, The skin of this pizza is soft and tender as how to feel it does not need an oven, we just use a frying pan. Let's try it with the ingredients in our kitchen.

The ingredients of Pizza Dough Recipe

250 grams of medium protein flour
1 teaspoon salt
125 ml of ice water
25 grams of white sugar
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
5 grams of yeast (instant yeast)

How to Make Pizza Dough

Prepare a large bowl, then put the flour, yeast, salt, white sugar, ice water and cooking oil. Knead ingredients until mixed and dough until completely dull.
Form the dough into a round, then cover the bowl with a damp cloth, and then let stand for 45 minutes
Then prepare a special skillet for a pizza with a diameter of 24 cm, rub it with a little oil, then match it with bread paper, and apply again with a little oil, and flatten the pizza dough on top.
Pizza Skins ready for use, please add topping according to your taste and your family.

Tips Pizza Dough
Use yeast in a condition still active / good so that pizza dough dough can inflate well and perfect.

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