Recipe Meatloaf Easy and Tasty

Recipe Meatloaf Easy and Tasty

If you like to cultivate a variety of foods, try making a Meatloaf Making Recipe or processed ground beef that is delicious and certainly easy to make, a lot of ingredients added to the Meatloaf, this is perfect for dinner, and your dinner is not tasteless and not the same, This recipe that I share this produce 6 servings, how to make Meatloaf very easy and following Recipe Making Meatloaf.

Ingredients Recipe Meatloaf Easy and Tasty

700 grams ground beef
1 Onion, chopped
1 egg
210 ml Liquid milk
2 tablespoons Refined palm sugar / powder
200 grams Flour bread / bread crumbs
70 grams Tomato sauce
2 tbsp Mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

How to Make Recipe Meatloaf Easy and Tasty

Preheat oven with temperature of 175 degree celsius
Mix minced beef, onions, eggs, liquid milk, and bread crumbs, then mix well until all mixed. And add enough pepper and salt, then put the ingredients into a heat-resistant plate.
Mix tomato sauce, palm sugar powder, and mustard into small containers, then stir until blended and then pour the ingredients onto the dough.
Grilled with oven that has been in the heat about 1 hour until the beef is completely cooked
Serve while warm.

How do you feel about Recipes Making Meatloaf, and it's delicious and how to make it easy, you can try it at your house, and serve at the dinner table with your family.

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