Poutine Recipe for Potatoes and Cheese

Poutine is one of the foods with french fries and mixed with fresh cheese slices, and added a thick sauce, this menu is mostly served in Canada, maybe for those of you who have tasted food made from potatoes and cheese. I will now share about Poutine recipe for potatoes and cheese.

The word Poutine comes from french language which means messy, this food is typical American food, Canada, it is now not known who first made this food. The main ingredient for making Poutine is fried potatoes mixed with melted cheese. Early this food can be encountered in Canada, now many restaurants that serve this food in some places.

French fries are mixed with melted cheese, and added with brown beef sauce, below about Poutine recipe for potatoes and cheese.


1 liter of vegetable oil that we use for frying
10.25 ounces of beef sauce or one can
2 cups of lamer cheese
5 potatoes of medium size and cut into lengths (fries)

How to Make it Poutine For Potatoes and Cheese

Heat oil in frying pan at 185 degrees Celsius, while waiting for hot oil you can heat the sauce.
Fry the potatoes in hot oil until the potatoes turn brown, or fry for 5 minutes, if the place is not all, then you can alternately fry the potatoes. Then lift the potato into the container to dry the oil.
Place the fries on the serving plate and pour the cheese over the potatoes, pour the sauce over the potatoes and serve it hot.

Now we have finished about Poutine recipe for potatoes and cheese, maybe you can make it at home and enjoy it with your family

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