How to Make Fried Carrot With Flour

Fried Carrot With Flour
We will now make a unique meal, which is fried carrot with flour. Of course this food is delicious and how to make this food easy to practice at home. Besides delicious to eat this is also healthy food.

Ingredients for Fried Carrot With Flour

300 grams of carrot, peeled. Cut the finger food form
1 egg yolk
7 tablespoons of low protein flour
100 ml of cold water / ice water
1/4 teaspoon pepper powder
salt to taste
Cooking oil for frying

How to make Fried Carrot With Flour

  1. Beat the eggs, then add the cold water
  2. Then in another place, mix the flour, pepper powder and salt, then stir until blended
  3. Add the eggs into the flour and mix well
  4. Heat the oil, then dip the carrots into the flour solution, and fry the carrots until cooked
  5. Then lift and drain on tissue / paper towel then serve in warm time.

How to Make Fried Carrot With Flour

This is a creative way to make carrots a nice snack for your family, you can practice this way easily in your home and according to your taste.

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