Kartoffelsalat Potato German Recipe at Home

kartoffelsalat recipe
In some countries many types of salad serving potatoes, one of which is the German state known as "Kartoffelsalat". if you eat then you will be upright with Kartoffelsalat. This salad is usually served with German sausage and added with chili pepper and pepper according to taste.

In southern Germany this food is known by the original Kartoffelsalat and tampa mixed with vegetable ingredients, such as cucumbers and so on. This salad is perfect for American tastes, mixed with mayoinase. This food is suitable served with various seasons, either winter or summer, if on Christmas day this food is stored in the refrigerator presented when Kartoffelsalat was cold the next day.

Here's how to make Kartoffelsalat Potato German Recipe at Home


Red onion
Vegetable oil
Piterseli leaves

How to make Kartoffelsalat Potato German Recipe at Home

  • Boil potatoes with hot flame for about 40 minutes with low heat
  • Chop the onions smoothly,
  • Prepare enough boiled water or about 250 ml, vegetable oil a tablespoon, salt, sugar and vinegar, then stir this material until evenly distributed
  • Once the potatoes are cooked then lift and cut to your taste.
  • Then mix the potato with water that has been mixed with broth, then mix the red onions that have been cut into pieces evenly in the container, add the leaves of piterseli leaf that has been chopped and pepper sufficiently.
  • You should eat after 1-2 hours after making it.

Suggestions for Kartoffelsalat Potato German Recipe at Home

To facilitate you should peel potatoes after cooked, before put into water, and the potatoes in first cleaned
Can be served with other side dishes, such as eggs and others according to your taste
Delicious eaten in the cold, first you store it in the refrigerator after this salad is finished, this is to be eaten in the day tomorrow.

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