Potato Cake, Practical and Creative

Potato Cake
We will make Potato Cake, this is a cake that is practical and easy to make, making this cake does not require a lot of ingredients and ingredients that we use is easy to get, this potato cake is perfect for family snacks, if you want to make this your food can make it easily, you just follow the recipe that is here.

4 medium-size potatoes, peeled skin, cut into thin matches.
50 grams of margarine, melt to melt.
Vegetable oil for frying potatoes.

White pepper to taste
Salt to taste.

Supplementary material:
Chili sauce.
Cassava pickled cans.
White bread.

Cut potatoes with a thin size so that the potatoes easily soft when frying
Cake is also suitable serve as the main food menu
If you want spicy then you can add chilli powder according to your taste
Sprinkle the chopped saledric leaves to make it taste more delicious

How to Make Potato Cake

  1. Heat the cooking oil on a flat pan to taste
  2. Fry potatoes by pressing the pieces of potatoes one and the other together when soft
  3. Flush potatoes with melted butter evenly and gradually, fry potatoes while on tap and back and forth to mature perfectly
  4. Then sprinkle the white pepper powder and salt, fry the potato again while back and forth until brownish yellow, then remove and drain.
  5. Place the potatoes in a serving container, cut the potatoes to shape according to your taste. the potato cake is ready to be served with a complementary menu.

Potato Cake, Practical and Creative 4 servings, serve your dining table or family snack. To make it very easy and the materials used are also easy to get.

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