Fried Apple Recipe for Healthy Snacks

Fried Apple
We will share about Fried Apple, this food is perfect for snacks when hanging out with friends or family, instead of buying snacks outside more exciting if we make their own snacks at home. here about Fried Apple Recipe for Healthy Snacks.

2 apples
150 grams of fried banana flour
100 grams of brown sugar
Sesame to taste that has been roasted
A little cinnamon powder

How to make:
  • Prepare all ingredients, then split the apples that have been peeled into 8 parts, then soak the apples with salt and lime, do not be too long and apples do not change the color brown. In another container mix the fried banana flour with boiled water until thick, flatten the apple with the flour and then fry until it turns brownish yellow.
  • In other containers, boil the brown sugar with water until dissolved and not clump. give a little cinnamon powder, if it is placed on the plate and sprinkle with sesame serve.

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