Fried Squid Chili and Salt

Fried Squid
At this time we will share one of the creative recipes, the food is certainly good and certainly your family likes it, here is Fried chili and salt squid how to make it easy and ingredients use easy to get.

350 grams of squid, washed, cut the ring model
1/2 cup water (150 ml)
10 tbsp of wheat flour

3 cloves of garlic, sliced
20 pieces of small red pepper, sliced
2 cloves of red onion, sliced
1 lemongrass
1 cm ginger, crush it

How to Make Fried Calamari

Mix flour, salt, water and pepper
Add the squid in the flour mixture, fry in the oil until cooked, then set aside
Take about 5 tablespoons of cooking oil then stir-fry the squid and stir-fry all the seasoning until fragrant
Then enter the fried squid, add salt, mix well and then turn off the heat
Serve fried calamari with crispy vermicelli.

Choose fresh squid to taste sweet and not fishy
Eat this fried squid with crispy vermicelli
Grab a crispy rice noodle over a serving pringe and pour the squid on it.

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