Chilli Con Carne Recipe

In this article we will share about Chilli Con Carne Recipe, how to make it easy and the use is also easy to get.

1000 grams of tomatoes
1000 grams of meat has outside
4-5 tablespoons of cooking oil, for sauteing
300 grams of onion, chopped
6 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon cumin powder
3-4 tablespoons chilli powder
1-2 teaspoons of salt
2 teaspoons of sugar
400 ml of broth / water
750 grams of canned red beans
3 tablespoons chopped parsley
100 grams tbs of grated cheese

Ingredients Complementary
Tortilla or french bread

How to make

  1. Cooked tomatoes using boiling water, then remove and drain, peel the tomato skin and then chop roughly and set aside.
  2. Cut the meat in 1 ½ dice
  3. Then heat the cooking oil in a frying pan, then stir flesh gradually in it, after the meat turns brown then lift and set aside
  4. Wok that has been used to saute the meat reheated, put onion and garlic. stir until fragrant, then enter the meat, stirring
  5. Add caraway, tomato, chilli powder, sugar, salt and broth or water. cook all ingredients until boiling, then cover the pan, then cook on medium heat for ± 60 minutes or until the meat is tender.
  6. Enter the red beans after water soaking, stirring until the gravy is thick, then lift, sprinkle the chopped parsley, stirring.
  7. When it is cooked, remove it and remove it in a serving dish, sprinkle on top with cheese, serve it with tortillas or french bread.

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