Injera and Doro Wat, Ethiopian Food

Injera and Doro Wat, Ethiopian Food

Ethiopian is a dry area, but they have a lot of good food, Ethiopian food is healthy, tasty and looks very attractive and beautiful.

Ethiopian custom originated partly from its food, one of them gursha, this food is widely served to the guests, the family or anyone visiting the house, so I say that Ethiopian food is customary for them.

For homeowners will make sure every guest, family or anyone who comes will not be hungry when leaving home. A lot of Ethiopian food is good, now I will share information about Ethiopian food of course this is very tasty.


Injera is one of the appetizers, Injera is not the name of food, it is a meal itself, at the time of Injera there is a food made from bread similar to a tortilla in which there are many side dishes usually eaten before the main meal. People will eat this food by hand. Injera stuffing is what many discussed, as Ethiopian food typical.


Tibs is one of the foods similar to bacon meat, but tibs is fried with onions, peppers, garlic and rosemary. Using this spice that makes tibs smell good. Tibs are also sometimes presented in injera events.


Ethiopians have their own way of mixing spices in cooking, one of them called Berbere, a mixture of spices such as ginger, garlic, cardamom, and others, in each Berbere there are at least 12 kinds of spices if the maximally 25 types. Usually the people there or restorant will buy a lot of barbere then dried.


The food is cream-shaped, the ingredients using raw beef in chopped and mixed with kibble and spiced butter. This meal fits well with mitmita, which is a typical Ethiopian spice sauce that is known to many people. Kitfo has a soft flavor on the tongue, perfect to be enjoyed with gomen (ripe vegetables). And soft cheese. Everything is placed in a bread called kocho and it is eaten during injera.

This is Ethiopian Food, it is widely presented in Injera, this is what I can share information for you, maybe next time I will share about Ethiopian Food recipe.

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