Galangal For Cooking and For Medicine

Galangal For Cooking and For Medicine
Galangal is one of the ingredients similar to ginger and turmeric. Galangal is a rhizome plant, the bulbs of this plant are often used in cooking, this plant is ginger form but this plant is a bit red, and the stem is green with red blend, the aroma of this plant is fresh and similar to the smell of herbs, galangal is often used in Cuisine as well as traditional medicine ingredients. This galangal is a kitchen spice that can be used in several food and you must have it, its usefulness can provide aroma and taste in cuisine.

Galangal Function

Galangal is a plant that many benefits to the body, because this plant is used in addition to cooking is also used as a herbal remedy that is useful to cure some diseases, galangal are often used for herbal medicine is red galangal, a disease that can be prevented by galangal plants according to some sources in Among them are skin diseases, tumors, inflammation, relieve discomfort due to abdominal pain, rheumatism and relieve diarrhea. Another benefit to relieve seasickness, by chewing galangal then the hangover will be lost.

For the use of galangal in cooking is usually in the first or thinly sliced in accordance with the cuisine, by using galangal in cooking it can increase appetite, then if your children lack of appetite can add galang into your cooking ingredients or to mix Drinks.

How to cultivate galangal

A good galangal is a galangal that is not defective when you buy it and also stored in the right place, keep the galangal in a moist place it will make the galangal not fresh anymore, here's how to make the galangal fresh and delicious when in cook:
  • When choosing galangal choose not dry and wrinkled
  • Choose galangal that is not many branches for easy to clean
  • Good galangal is not hard and not soft, because if the galang you choose soft will have a bitter taste.
  • After cleaning the galangal, then store in an airtight and store in a cool and dry place.
  • Galangal is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator because it is moist and will decrease the quality of galangal and not good.
  • If you want to be used in galangal cooking on a sliced ​​or sliced ​​thinner in accordance with your cooking.
  • If used in the drink can be with the scar or with the squeeze, just take the juice and brewed with warm water.

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