German Sauerkraut Recipe

German Sauerkraut Recipe
Sauerkraut is a typical German food made with white cabbage and fermented, it tastes sour and fresh, this food is a healthy food because the Sauerkraut contain lots of vitamin C, it is suitable to be eaten in the winter in order to increase our body temperature. Be clear about the German Sauerkraut Recipe below and how to use it.

This food can last long if stored in the refrigerator, such as kimchie which is a typical food of korean, have long we have this food the more the sour taste. If you consume directly it will feel quite sour, with this then we have to process it with certain dishes.

There are many recipes for processing sauerkraut to make a very delicious meal, which is easy to make sauerkraut stir fry and added with other mixed ingredients. Sauerkraut is a typical German food, in Germany sauerkraut eaten with baguette bread.

Some people can not stand the acidic taste of sauerkraut, so with two apples to reduce the sour taste, but also add fresh cabbage, carrots and various other vegetables and sausages.

If we make it at home now is already widely available materials at the nearest supermarket our residence, below is the German Sauerkraut Recipe a special and how to make it simple.

German Sauerkraut Recipe

3 pieces of cow sausage, cut into pieces with 1.5 cm thick
1 apple, in rough pieces
250 grams Sauerkaut
About a handful of dill leaves (finely chopped)
Bread of baguette or other kind of bread according to your taste

2 tablespoons cooking oil (for sauteing)
2 pieces Medium-sized onions (roughly chopped)
2 teaspoons Chilli powder
3 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
1 tablespoon Chilli dry chopped dry
200 ml Chicken broth
1/4 teaspoon Fennel seeds whole
1/2 teaspoon pepper white powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

How to Make a German Sauerkraut Recipe easy:

  1. Prepare sauerkraut, drain from the water then set aside
  2. Then prepare the pan to fry, fill with cooking oil, heat on the stove with medium heat.
  3. If the oil is hot, fry the cow sausage until cooked, remove and drain, set aside and then prepare a flat pan or teflon, pour 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and heat
  4. Saute the onion until fragrant and wilted
  5. Then put the chopped garlic into the stir, stirring until smooth and stir-fry until cooked.
  6. Next add apples, chili powder, sauerkraut, dried chili, and fennel seeds. stir all ingredients until blended.
  7. Pour the chicken stock and cook until the apple becomes tender.
  8. Add pepper powder, salt and dill leaves. Then stir-fry until the dill leaves are cooked or wilted.
  9. Then enter the fried sausage into it, stir-fry and stir until evenly distributed.
  10. Then cook or stir until dry
  11. When it is cooked then lift and serve the sauerkraut stirrer with other ingredients instead of baguette or bread and the like.

Now finish, I hope you succeed in practicing at home to have Sauerkraut stirrer with your family.

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