Difference Between Taco and Burrito

Difference Between Taco and Burrito
This is a popular mexican food, which distinguishes Taco and Burrito is the size, Burrito is bigger than the tacos, if you want to be full then you have to eat a taco, if you eat a burrito then only one fruit you will be satisfied.

Taco is a food that has existed since several centuries ago, many types of tacos are made with warm corn tortillas are wrapped with one type of stuffing, this meal is often also decorated with salsa, sour cream or other sauces. for stuffing taco usually uses carne asada and some meat, and Burrito is a new kind of food.

There is a story from the emergence of Burritos. Initially traders wanted a plate of rice and beans, but they did not use plates then came the idea to wrap them using a wheat tortilla to replace the plate. The size of a large tortilla matches the ingredients, the Burrito has varied contents like rice, cheese, peanuts and many people like Burritos that use meat for stuffing.

For tortillas made from corn only used to wrap tacos, if corn tortillas are used to wrap Burritos it will be easily torn or damaged. To wrap a Burrito in need of a large tortilla, usually when to wrap the Burrito is often used tortillas with spinach and tomato flavor.

Usually the taco uses fine flour or corn tortillas filled in with some kind of meat, can also be added with onions and coriander on top for complementary materials. As for burritos are always served in a large tortilla flour sheets and with lots of stuffing stuff. Then the ingredients are rolled up and ready to be served for a filling meal.


  • The size between the burritos is bigger than the taco, because the burrito contains one serving in which it is filled with various foodstuffs.
  • Taco is a food that has existed since ancient times that have existed since centuries ago
  • Burritos are a new kind of food
  • Taco is a type of food made with warm corn tortillas wrapping one type of stuffing with salsa topping, cream or any other type of sauce.
  • Burritos use whole-grain tortillas for plates, stuffing in rice, or beans and cheeses, but many people love meat and vegetables.

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