How to Make Salmon Onigiri

How to Make Salmon Onigiri
Onogiri is a food made with rice ingredients and inside it is filled with fish, usually if make Onogiri using salmon as the content of the inside, there are also using other fish for its contents like tuna fish.

Onigiri is a typical Japanese food, if you want to make it, you can try it at home, with this recipe you can make it easily, the ingredients used to make Onigiri too easy to get, so you can make it easy for your family at home .

How To Make Salmon Onigiri Ingredients

400 grams of rice
½ piece Salmon (50 gram)
White Sesame Seeds

How to Make Salmon Onigiri

  1. First you sprinkle salmon with salt, then you leave the salmon for 30 minutes.
  2. Then the salmon is roasted over the frying pan, then you throw the bone and skin carefully, then you split into small pieces.
  3. Then you put 100 grams of rice into a small bowl, then put also ¼ pieces of salmon into the middle of the rice, make sure that the stuffed salmon meat wrapped with rice.
  4. Wet your hands and smear a little salt, then turn the rice into your hands, press into a ball.
  5. Salmon Onigiri is ready to serve deliciously.

This is about recipes and How to Make Salmon Onigiri which is delicious to eat with your family at home, good luck to try it.

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