Easy Onigiri Recipes At Home

Onigiri Recipes
Onigiri is a Japanese food, for those of you who like japanese food is no stranger to this one food, Onigiri is a popular food in various countries, will food this food in japan, this food is made with cooked rice, later given a taste and added with stuffing, then in the form by hand with a triangle shape, selinder or round, the taste of this food is a little salty because in added salt to the rice, will you be addicted if you try this food.

For those of you who have not yet tried this or existing food but do not know the appropriate way, now I will share it for you on Easy Onigiri Recipes At Home, you do not need to go to japan for this food, we just make it yourself and maybe also in creation with other materials. If you want to make this food at home here is Onigiri Recipes.

Onigiri Recipes Ingredients:

40 grams of canned tuna
Salt to taste
400 grams of rice
2 sheets of nori (cut with rectangles or according to your taste)
1 tbsp mayonaise

How to create Onigiri:

Combine canned tuna (without its oil) with mayonaise until evenly distributed.
Next mix the rice with a little salt, and flatten it
Then take the rice with the size of onigiri you want to make, then enter a little tuna mayo stuff in the middle, then cover it again with rice and add also nori in the middle and a little bit on the press to stick perfectly
Our homemade Onigiri at home is ready to serve.

Tips Onigiri Recipes

If you have difficulty in forming Onigiri, then you can use a mold with a round shape or triangle so you can easily print Onigiri.

Now that we have finished making Easy Onigiri Recipes At Home, maybe you can practice it at home according to taste, this food is also very suitable to be enjoyed with your family at home.

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