How to Creatively Make Egg Sandwich

How to Creatively Make Egg Sandwich
Now we will share about making Egg Sandwich, it is suitable for your breakfast, or to stock your child in school, how to make it very easy, and materials are easy to get. If you want to make it at home take a good look at how to make it to eat perfectly for his Sandwich Sandwich.


Have 1 egg, 1 cheese, 1 tbsp milk, 1 bread, and microwave, you can make this dish.

How to Creatively Make Egg Sandwich

  1. Stir the eggs in a heat-resistant gel, then add the milk and stir the ingredients until evenly distributed.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste or according to your taste.
  3. Cook in a microwave with 100% power wait for about 1-2 minutes or until the egg is completely cooked.
  4. If the eggs are cooked then move to the bread, then add the bread and cover it again with the other bread.
  5. M
  6. Put the Sandwich back into the microwave, about 15 seconds until the cheese melts.
  7. Your Egg Sandwich is ready to serve at the dining table.

This is perfect for your breakfast with your family or for school children's meals. this is about making a delicious Egg Sandwich and creative, of course, this recipe is very easy for you to practice at home according to your taste.

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