Make Chicken Soup, Broccoli and Carrots

Make Chicken Soup
Soup one of the delicious foods, soup is a food that many people love because it has a delicious taste. The soups are also of many kinds and with various ingredients used such as meat and vegetables. Now we will make the soup with a mixture of both ingredients, namely with chicken, broccoli and carrots. we eat ingredients to make soup not only meat, but we also use vegetables in it. This soup is very popular because it tastes good and also healthy.

This soup is perfect for family meals. For some people do not like the broccoli, but this vegetable is very good for health, for those of you who do not like the broccoli also try this recipe you will love it. The following are Make Chicken Soup, Broccoli and Carrots.

Soup ingredients:
Chicken meat as much as 6 pieces, size according to taste.
Onion 4 grains, thinly sliced.
Broccoli as much as 150 gram.
Carrots as many as 5 pieces.
Leaves of onions as much as 2 sticks, in the white part.
Olive oil as much as 1 tablespoon.
Salt to taste.
Fresh tomatoes as much as 1 fruit.
Nutmeg her.
Pepper powder to taste.
Sugar to taste.
Garlic as much as 2 cloves.
Clean water sufficiently.

Make Chicken Soup, Broccoli and Carrots

  1. First we wash all the ingredients until clean, then cut into pieces according to your taste
  2. Prepare a skillet and apply a cooking oil, then saute garlic and shallots until fragrant, enter the chicken, carrot and water, boil until the material is cooked.
  3. Enter the broccoli, then add salt, sugar, nutmeg, and pepper, try felt, if it feels less can be added again according to your taste.
  4. Then enter the insert leeks that have been in thin slices and tomatoes, wait a moment and turn off the fire, chicken soup with broccoli vegetables and carrots ready to serve.

Here's Make Chicken Soup, Broccoli and Carrots that you can practice at home according to your taste, this soup is very tasty if served with warm white rice or other ingredients.

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