Potato Rosti
Rosti or in swiss is called Roschti, this is a good food and that uses the main ingredient of potatoes. Peeled potatoes are then cut into thin slices with elongated shape, then the potatoes in milk and butter that has been melted, added salt and pepper when mixed it will add typical taste, after the soak and then the potatoes are fried in oil. hot, If you want to make at home then here is recipe Potato Rosti.

Potato Rosti Recipe

Ingredients :

2 pcs of potatoes
1/8 teaspoon pepper
¼ tsp salt


grated cheese
sausages, etc.
smoked chicken
sour cream

How to make Potato Rosti:

  1. Peel the potatoes then boil in boiling salt water for about 5 minutes
  2. Then lift let stand until cool
  3. Grate potatoes with long shapes, then mix salt and pepper, stir until blended
  4. Then grill the potato grated in teflon 18 cm, using a small flame, after the bottom is brown, then turn the potato until it turns to brown.
  5. Remove potatoes when cooked, then sprinkle on top of potatoes with cheese, then Potato Rosti ready to serve with sour cream or mustard plus added with bottle sauce.

Potato Rosti

With the way and the ingredients above you can practice it at home and according to your taste, it is very suitable to enjoyed it with your family at home.

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