Fried Bread With Marshmallow Roll

Bread With Marshmallow
Marshmallow is a food that has a sweet taste and has a soft texture and chewy, Marshmallow many dikreasikan with other materials, with a variety of preparations, we will now try to share about toast with marshmallow roll.

Fried Bread With Marshmallow Roll

3 pieces of fresh bread without skin
1 egg
50 grams of bread flour
30 grams of white marshmallow
Right amount of oil
50 grams of jackfruit

How to make Fried Bread With Marshmallow Roll

  1. Cut into marshmallows with four parts
  2. Then place the contents of marshmallows and jackfruit on the bread of laughter
  3. Roll and wrap using plastic wrap
  4. Then put in the refrigerator until the bread is solid and perfect
  5. Stir the eggs, then remove the plastic wrap, then dip the bread rolls on the egg and the bread
  6. Fry until the bread is brownish yellow, serve a warm bow

Here's how to make Fried Bread With Marshmallow Roll, you can practice it at home according to your taste, good luck.

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