Tuna Sandwich Recipe

Tuna Sandwich
We will make Sandwich with the contents in it tuna, this is a little extreme if imagined. It tastes good and of course by using good tuna ingredients for protein source, this food is also tasty nutritious.

2 tablespoons Canned Tuna
2 tablespoons Sugar, dissolve in hot water
1 Onion Bombay
2 tablespoons of Mayonnaise
1 Tomato
1 cucumber fruit
2 pieces of Fresh Bread

How to Make a Tuna Sandwich

  1. Fueled bread using oven toaster
  2. Mix tuna with sugar water, onions, mayonnaise, stir until evenly distributed
  3. Apply Mayonnaise on both pieces of bread
  4. Then the cucumber and tomato
  5. Apply the tuna mixture flat to the bread surface
  6. Finish and Tuna Sandwich ready to serve

Make Tuna Sandwich easy for you to practice at home according to your taste, this food is healthy for your family and lots of protein. In addition you can also practice How to Creatively Make Egg Sandwich and Easy Crab Cakes Recipes.

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